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Our Leadership Team

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Partner, Interaction Design Director

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Partner, Creative Director

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Partner, Marketing Director

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Westport, Connecticut

  • CPG & Retail
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    • Aware Inc
    • Bongo
    • Candies
    • Cole Haan
    • Chelsea Interactive
    • Elisabeth
    • Heineken
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Kraft Foods
    • Levi Strauss
    • Music Boulevard
    • Nike
    • Orange V Vodka
    • Planters
    • Protocall Technolgies
    • Reebok
    • Regatta Ginger Beer
    • Trolli
  • Services Industries
  • Financial Services
    • American Express
    • Chase Manhattan Bank
    • Choi & Burns
    • DaimlerChrysler CS
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • Harris Direct
    • Mercedes Benz Credit
    • Automotive & Manufacturing
    • General Motors
    • Mazda
    • Mercedes Benz Kiosk
    • Toyota 4Runner
    • Volkswagen of America
  • Media & Entertainment
    • ABC News
    • Adventure Park
    • Animal Fair
    • Blender CD-Rom
    • BMG Entertainment
    • Cosmopolitan Magazine
    • ESPN Deportes
    • Examiner
    • Lemonade
    • Maxim Magazine
    • MGM at Foxwoods
    • MCY
    • Oscar Mayer
    • Reuters America
    • Sash! Germany
    • StopTips
    • Stuff Magazine

Examiner (Re)Brand

Overview:, the leading hyper-local content site on the Web, needed a complete rebranding effort and a site redesign to complement their migration to a more robust and dynamic technology platform. As a business, they needed to drive increased session lengths and cross-navigation of the content.

Elements: Strategic Consulting, Creative Strategy, Brand Identity, Information Architecture, UI Design.

Results: Impactful and refreshingly simple single minded messages (set to animation) on each high-level page were the prescription for this problem. Due to the power and prominence of the ad units, page views and site session length increased across all sections.

JCC Greenwich

Overview: Most Jewish Community Centers have physical structures, Greenwich JCC was created in the spirit of the 21st-century neighborhood, as a community beyond walls. They invite participation in venues all over town, enriching the jewish community through exceptional programs and media.

Elements: Strategy, Brand Identity, Information Design, UX Design and Development, Concept Development, User Interface Design, Advertising.

Brand designed and executed a complete, integrated experience ranging from identity, marketing, strategy, and through a strategic partnership with Tango Modem, built a sophisticated site platform that supports rich media, blogging, social integration, and many more exciting features, ultimately supporting the virtual JCC through multiple engagement channels on its website.


Overview: Collective is a major player in the burgeoning data science space. Their offerings, while complex, were exactly what their target was seeking. But their global website wasn’t effective in differentiating its product and services against the competition.

Elements: Requirements Gathering, Creative Strategy, Information Architecture, UI Design.

Results: Brand Studios redesigned Collective’s global website starting with a Creative Strategy that’s rooted on the notion of “telling the Collective story through real, tangible client metrics and results”. In approaching their communications backwards from the end results; prospects, business partners and sophisticated audiences had a chance to instantly recognize the real value that Collective brings to the table.


Overview: ScanLife, the worldwide leader in mobile bar code scanning applications, desired a full site redesign to better match the sophistication and innovativeness of the application.

Elements: Creative Strategy, Brand Identity, Information Architecture, UI Design, Copywriting.

Results: Reprioritized the site hierarchy to better reflect a business-to-business orientation, resulting in dramatically higher inquiries and leads. Modular promotion space enabled the company to better highlight new use cases as they happen.

3Tera / VMware Comparison

Overview: CA Technologies’ new self-service cloud platform, 3Tera, is truly a game changing product. The problem? Confusion among enterprise customers around the role of 3Tera relative to the VMware platform.

Elements: Creative Strategy, Copywriting, Story Boarding, Direction, Post-Production.

Results: Created a highly compelling “internal audiences only” video that utilized a hand sketching metaphor to compare and contrast VMware. The video was distributed internally and, by design, it is empowering sales representatives around the world to better communicate the difference between 3Tera and VMware.

The Adventure Park

Objective: When it comes to Zip Line and Climbing Course Experiences, The Adventure Park is the top player in the United States. With 7 Parks across the country as of 2014 (and growing), The Adventure Park partnered with Brand Studios as its Agency of Record (AOR) for all of its Creative and Marketing needs nationally.

Elements: Brand Identity, User Interface Design, Print Advertising, Marketing, Collaterals, Online Advertising, Direct Marketing, Out-of-Home, Outdoor Signage, Launch Campaigns, and more.

Results: Brand Studios has developed an intimate relationship The Adventure Park that has helped strengthen the overall park experience by establishing a creative language and visual vernacular that truly embraces and celebrates the values, spirit and personality of the parks.

MGM at Foxwoods

Overview: When MGM opened a state-of-the art, spectacular casino complex in the Foxwoods area, it partnered with Brand Studios to create the official website, which included transactional tools (reservations engine), booking tools, and video/3d integration of special effects.

Elements: User interface design, Interactive Development, Flash and front-end tools to communicate back with MGM’s databases of artists and all the front-end design that communicates back to Foxwoods’s reservations engine.

Results: An extraordinary visual experience integrated high end, 3-dimensional graphics and video with complex functionality in a seamless User Interface that set the standard for the category and promoted conversions (reservations) with unprecedented numbers.

Kraft Social Marketing

Overview: Kraft Foods North America wanted to establish a consistent brand presence across key social channels: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Elements: Creative Strategy, UI Design, Interactive Development, FBML Development, Motion Design

Results: Promoted community and engagement with Kraft Foods by socializing the Kraft Brand and appealing to moms with highly relevant, interactive applications specifically designed for these channels. Results where overwhelmingly positive – with hundreds of thousands users engaging in conversations and promoting organic awareness of Kraft and its many brands.

[x+1] PainPoint Campaign

Overview: [x + 1] Origin is a enterprise platform with powerful tools that enables marketers to achieve better experiences for customers. But marketing and IT teams are overwhelmed by the myriad tools and platforms at their disposal. So rather than lead with the solution, this campaign places an imaginary microphone in the conference rooms of many companies, echoing back their pain points in a hard hitting, amusing way.

Elements: User Interface Design, Campaign Ideation, design, and full execution. Micro-site with social integration. Design of booth, marketing collaterals, video, and 360 degree campaign.

Results: Campaign received industry-wide recognition, high levels of participation on social networks, and even some buzz with competitor Adobe that warranted a mention in The New York Times.

Regatta Product Design

Overview: Regatta Ginger Beer is a leading beverage in the United States. It offers a unique and zesty ‘ginger kick’ to any mixed drink, where ginger ale, club soda, or tonic might be used. Brand Studios designed the label, bottle, can and product packaging for all versions of this popular product.

Elements: Concept Development, Identity design, Label Design, 3d Packaging Design for all lines of Regatta Ginger Beer.

Solution: A branding experience that, coupled with a very successful taste and formulation, helped bring this product and company to the top in its category.


Overview: Create awareness for the launch of a new product: Heineken Draughtkeg.

Elements: Online Advertising, Rich Media and traditional, Concept Development, Creative Direction (execution of 3d and technology handled by 3rd party)

Results: We created a viral site experience that virtually placed the user “inside” a cool technophonic dance party, while also illustrating the innovative and social attributes of the product. Results exceeded expectations, with over 1.3 million YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of personalized experiences forwarded from friend to friend.